How to Get Your Groove Back

The Panic

The Surrender

The Secrets

  1. Breathe. When you realize you feel off, accept yourself at that moment without needing yourself to feel better instantly.
  2. Reflect. Reflect on the previous hours or even the previous day. Was there anything that threw your groove off? A conversation, a trail of self-doubt you went on, your environment, a failure, a speed bump, an unprocessed emotion? Give yourself grace to retrace your steps and find where uninspired and off feeling might be stemming from. Sometimes you find it and sometimes you don’t. If you find it, spend some time here and write down your thoughts and emotions surrounding it. Learn something about yourself.
  3. Check-in with yourself. Off days or weeks can sometimes be accompanied by being mentally or emotionally at capacity. Have you worked on anything you’re passionate about recently or have you just been stuck in the daily routine? Revisit your passions!
  4. Flip the script. Instead of asking yourself what you need to do today, ask what you need from today. Choose to give yourself what it is you need or want. Maybe it’s exercise, rest, a movie, a good book, fun — don’t limit what your heart is asking for.
  5. Ask for help. Let someone know you feel off and let them remind you who of who you are and what your normal looks like. We need people.
  6. Laugh. Engage in what makes you come alive and get your endorphins up! Sometimes science and hormones are a big part of our off-days.
  7. Reminders. Remind yourself you are normal. Remind yourself you won’t stay here. You are a creative being, designed to care about things beyond yourself. When you can stop panicking about the future, you can focus on the present, discover what you need in the moment, and learn to accept yourself even on your off days.
  8. Last but not least, fight. So you’ve tried all of the secrets and you’re still stuck when you know you are capable of so much more. If you have become self-aware and you know the difference between a lost groove and resistance, then perhaps you need to push through. DO NOT let resistance keep you from putting into the world only the things that you can. We need you! So put up a good fight.




Hi, I'm Jamie! I am a writer and a relationship coach. I love existing to watch people get more connected to themselves and to others. Love always wins!

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Jamie Lee Schultz

Jamie Lee Schultz

Hi, I'm Jamie! I am a writer and a relationship coach. I love existing to watch people get more connected to themselves and to others. Love always wins!

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